The STORY Begins
"KiNNARODDEN" Music Album
CAPE Nordkinn

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(Official release: 2017 August 19th)

"Trails of ERIDU - Kinnarodden is the 1st album of electronica genre compositions by YaDi AND FRieNDs. It is strongly inspired by nature and by people I met. It's a story of the journey to the 'end of the world' - Cape Nordkinn (Kinnarodden) - the uppermost point of mainland Europe located in desolace lands of the oldest culture in Northern Europe - Saami people. Deep there, many tracks were composed, various sounds recorded, and the actual form of the album was shaped.

I would like to thank my wife DoRi, my mother and my sister for staying by my side for all those years. Also thanks a bunch to my sons for making my life challenging. ;-) I love you all! Special thanks to all my friends who took a part in making this album: Łukasz "Indiana Luk" Dziuban aka AK0RD ze SKWAK | Szymon Banasik aka Polarna Jaskółka | Rafał Poddębski aka Rafaello | Adam Zagajewski | Mateusz "MaTi" Gałka | Tomasz "Detector" Jachowicz aka Młody (RIP) | Przemysław Grzelak.
I salute you!
Additional thanks to Przemysław & Wiesław Grzelak from MusicStudio for all your hard work to make this album sounds great. Much obliged!
Special thanks to Albert Lange for help and support when it was needed the most.

Art & photos by YaDi (copyrights © 2016) except photos: "05. Flower Traveller M." courtesy of Marcel Gächter | "06.Song of The Huntress" courtesy of Liv Berg.

01. UNEGA  feat. Polarna Jaskółka
Virus Access C / synths by YaDi
Beat & Drive by Polarna Jaskółka
For Bunzi, Kriss & all my friends from "Hausmania" in Oslo. Also dedicated to people behind "Bee Highway" project in Oslo. Keep it up! spoken word (Cherokee colors):
White? Orange! Bright? ... ORANGE!"
02. Fish & Fire  feat. AK0RD ze SKWAK
Grand Piano line by AK0RD ze SKWAK
Trumpet line by Przemysław Grzelak
Beats & Vibes by YaDi
Joik in Ume Sami by Hélène Kugelberg
For all the Good People I've had an honor to meet during my travel, especially in Finnmark county. Thank you for your kindness! Special thanks to the nice fisherman for the fresh salmon and the ride! nature sounds from freesounds.org:
patricklieberkind, shannonbotha, ceich93, soundslikewillem
ambient and nature recordings from Nordkyn by YaDi
03. Permafrost
Composed & performed by YaDi Permafrost forms large-scale land formations, such as palsas. Palsas are a type of marsh found in alpine or arctic tundra. This habitat is threatened by climate changes. Long periods of warm and humid climate are causing palsas to melt, realising greenhouse gases, such as CO₂ and methane.
04. Yadisland  feat. Adam Zagajewski
Lead Guitar line written & performed by Adam Zagajewski
Synths & Beats by YaDi
Arrange by Przemysław Grzelak
For Jarek Dobrucki. Thank you for your friendship and for the place on earth I can call HOME!
05. Flower Traveller M.
Composed & performed by YaDi Dedicated to Marcel Gächter. Thank you for your friendship! Safe travels, may your "cartographic flower" grow bigger and wider! :-) "Endaevour" shuttle countdown recording by NASA
engine start sound from freesound.org: blu
06. Song of The Huntress (Liv's theme) feat. Rafaello
Lead Guitar by Rafał Poddębski
Organ line (Roland - VK-8M), arrange & more by Przemysław Grzelak
Dedicated to Liv Berg & Ståle Utsi Pettersen from Tana. Big thanks for your hospitality! Thanks to Roman from Shnobel Tone for guitar inspiration.
07. Under The Red Tree by Przemysław Grzelak
Composed & performed by Przemysław Grzelak Dedicated to Tina and Ruan de Flamingh former founders of "Red Tree Guesthouse" in Mehamn. Thank you for who you are and what you stand for! nature recordings from Mehamn by YaDi
08. Vast Horizon
Composed & performed by YaDi Dedicated to Bengt Arntsen and his lovely wife Elna. Thanks for everything! spoken world: text-to-speach on-line converter ;-)
09. Kinnarodden  feat. MaTi
Composed & performed by YaDi
KORG Volca programming: Mateusz "MaTi" Gałka
Bass & Vibes by Przemysław Grzelak
10. Fjords of Finnmark  feat. Polarna Jaskółka
Composed by YaDi
Drums performed & recorded by Polarna Jaskółka
Arrange, Trumpet & Organs (Roland - VK-8M) by Przemysław Grzelak
Dedicated to Nina Eilertsen & her husband from Mehamn and Lyudmila Ivanovna Wille & Karl Magne Wille from Grenseløs AS Kirkenes. Thank you! Ship (Nordkapp / Finnmarken) horns recorded by YaDi
11. SOL III Gaia  (Paradise Lost?)
Composed & performed by YaDi
Beat management: Polarna Jaskółka
Vibes by Przemysław Grzelak
In loving memory of Mirosław Rybak. Requiescat in pace! waves & seagulls sounds from freesounds.org: juskiddink
additional seagulls sounds recorded by YaDi
12. Deep in The Saami Lands
Composed & perfomed by YaDi
Additional piano & vibes by Przemysław Grzelak
Dedicated to Hannu Hyvönen and his work. speaks: Oula Näkkäläjärvi (taken from the movie: "Last Yoik in Saami Forests?")
BONUS: 13. The Rain will end...  (native mix) by Tomasz "Detector" Jachowicz (RIP)
Composed & perfomed by Tomasz "Detector" Jachowicz aka "Młody" (RIP)
Młody, you were a very talented person! It was a privilege to work with you... Requiescat in pace! 1998 Atari ST oryginal MIX (re-mastered)