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CAPE Nordkinn

Cape Nordkinn Norwegian: Kinnarodden (also called Nordkyn) 71°08’02” N

Cape Nordkinn is the northernmost point on the European mainland, 71°08’02” N and rises 234 metres above the mighty Arctic Ocean. Southwest of Kinnarodden is Sandsfjorden, where, at the end of the last ice age, (about 10,000 years ago) a large amount of sediment accumulated and was then levelled out by sea activity. That plate was then forced up, forming a plateau. Once, Sandsfjorden was a commercial centre, with a fish market. Today it is a conservation area. A hike out to Kinnarodden through harsh and barren wilderness gives a genuine feeling of having reached the end of the Earth.

And then you encounter The Plastic Bottles Family! Yeah! Meet "The Bottles":
They're baking in the sun,
lying on the ground,
waving right at you
from all around!
The beautiful beach at the conservation area is full of them!

The Viking Chieftain Ottar, an accomplished navigator, who lived near Tromso in the 9th century, is the source of the first eyewitness accounts of Finnmark. He mentioned Kinnarodden in his Sandsfjorden chronicle. When he once sailed past Cape Nord, he wrote that he had got as far as the land stretched. Ottar wanted to find out if 'any man lived further north than the wilderness', and his exploration ended in Bjarmaland, at the shores of the White Sea. There he saw houses 'across the river'. Along the way, he had only seen 'desolate land to the starboard and only some fishermen, fowlers and hunters - all of Sami origin.'